Questions Answered

Q: Do I have to be a member of BUCRA to be a member of Pinnacle?

A: Yes. Pinnacle is a division of BUCRA, but a Pinnacle Member does not have to buy chemicals, fertilizers, or dry their rice at BUCRA. Pinnacle is open to membership across the valley, and only impacts your marketing decision. A BUCRA Membership is $150.

Q: If I’m a BUCRA member, am I automatically a Pinnacle Member?

A: No. Your membership to Pinnacle is a separate marketing decision, independent from your current membership status with BUCRA. However, we would encourage all BUCRA members to consider committing some rice to Pinnacle.

Q: If I’m a member of Calrose Co-op, am I automatically a member of Pinnacle?

A: No. Pinnacle is an entirely separate marketing entity that is combining the strategy of the Calrose Co-op with the reputation and financial strength of BUCRA. Therefore, you will need to sign a new Membership Agreement to become a member of Pinnacle Rice Coop, and BUCRA by association.

Q: Is the BUCRA Board automatically the Pinnacle Board?

A: Yes. The BUCRA Board will govern Pinnacle, but will select a separate Marketing Committee that will oversee the Pinnacle effort. Initially, all BUCRA board members are committing rice to this effort, and will be encouraged to do so in the future. The initial Marketing Committee will consist of the current BUCRA Board, and two Board Members of the Calrose Co-op.

Q: Can I sell cash rice instead of being in the pool?

A: Yes. Cash rice transactions for growers will still be welcomed. Our goal is to meet the marketing needs of the grower. Logan, Stuart, and Carl will continue to facilitate cash brokerage transactions on behalf of the grower. You can simply contact them directly.

Q: Who is managing Pinnacle Rice Coop?

A: Under the direction of the independent marketing committee, Logan Wilson and Stuart Hoetger will manage Pinnacle, coupled with strategic oversight and guidance from Carl Hoff.